Companies for sale - Bismatch, a new concept for buying companies.

Most of the buyers of companies today find it difficult to locate the right business. Often, you are left conducting the search yourself through business brokers, via the Internet or through other contacts. No doubt you have noticed that the supply is limited and you only find those companies that are currently available on the market.

BisMatch is a totally new concept: we target you as the buyer of a company.

We search for businesses among Sweden’s 370,000 companies, often before they are even available on the market. Since we target the buyer, we are similar to a headhunter. The difference is that we identify companies to buy rather than finding people to hire. For a set fee, we supply you with a list of three companies that are prepared to negotiate a sale.

You can be confident that these companies match your requirements because we believe we have Sweden’s most comprehensive database. We also know that these companies are for sale since we have surveyed the shareholders and have spoken directly with them. All of the company information is provided in a business report. This report includes the ownership situation, the company’s financial data and key figures as well as a comparison to the data of the business sector.

We believe our services are unique and you won’t find a similar service provider on the market. In addition, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you receive our proposal.

Contact us directly for a proposal free of charge. You may have the perfect company for sale in just a matter of weeks, even if it’s currently not available on the market.


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