BisMatch monitors ownership in more than 2.000 companies.

The starting point for a Monitor Assignment is when you connect to our service, which is free of charge. We only need to know what profile you are.

Ongoing BisMatch monitors more than 2.000 Swedish limited companies in the midmarket segment. We have made a selection with the aim to include the most attractive companies. We monitor these companies continuously and have information about ownership and what changes in ownership the owner themselves anticipate in the near future.

When a company is out for sale we know it very early, often before anybody else. We will contact you if the company is matching your own profile and you can decide yourself whether it is interesting for you or not. If you chose to proceed we will charge you a one-time fee and if, in the end, this will result in a purchase we will charge a success fee.

We observe that there is a strong growth among the midmarket companies and that they in the same time often face major challenges. Typically these companies have gained a strong position in Sweden or Scandinavia although a further expansion demands resources and competence which it does not possess. Furthermore this can be combined with a situation where a handing over to a new generation of owners is oncoming.