A new concept in business intermediation services.

Since 2007 we have analyzed and gathered knowledge about all of the 370,000 companies in Sweden. We probably have the most comprehensive knowledge bank in Sweden within our field. 

Our clients include private equity and investment firms, private investors, family offices as well as industrial and service companies of various sizes. Funds and foundations considering mergers & acquisitions also contact us to identify appropriate buyers.

There can be many reasons for acquiring a company. Many times it is about identifying complementary businesses. In other cases the temptation can be an investment in a local business or new technology. Many companies also search for growth through a takeover. Tax planning is another typical motivation.

Negotiating and buying companies before they are on the market is obviously appealing. We often search for companies that are facing a generation shift, have high growth, high business margins or stand out in some other way. Regardless of who you are or your reasons for buying a company, you can feel confident with our services. We are a serious, independent service provider that works with a long-term focus to pick and choose the very best alternatives just for you.