A company presentation is developed for each prospective business.

In a typical agreement we provide you with the names of three companies that match your search profile. The owners have been contacted and have expressed an interest in selling their company. Each company is presented in a document that describes their business, ownership situation and other relevant information such as trademarks. Company data includes an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow analysis and other key figures for the past five years. In addition, we complete an analysis of the company’s growth in comparison to its sector. We want to give you the most optimal background information that will allow you to quickly analyze, evaluate and reach a business proposal.

When necessary, a company valuation can be conducted by our subsidiary, Valuation, which is the largest company in Sweden for the valuation of small- and mid-sized companies. Valuation uses a company valuation model that has been developed in-house and is built on discounting the value of future excess returns based on available accounting data. This information is extracted from the financial statements submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office by the company’s auditors.