BisMatch is the starting point for a successful company purchase.

Normally, the process begins by you making contact with us and having a discussion about the type of company you are interested in acquiring.

Together we develop a detailed list of requirement specifications that gives us a picture of your requirements. This may include the sector, geographic limitations, turnover, business margins, growth rates, cash holdings, or other parameters that can be interesting in a company acquisition.

After this stage the detective work begins. Our comprehensive and unique database includes sector information and the complete financial performance over the past 10 years for all of Sweden’s 370,000 active companies.

We then confidentially and personally contact those companies we have identified as potential purchase candidates. Naturally, you remain anonymous as the client at this stage. This requires a high level of discretion and we maintain the strictest confidentiality throughout this process. We inform the owners that their company has drawn the attention of a non-disclosed buyer whom we are representing and that the potential buyer is interested in discussing the purchase of their company.


We then provide you a list of three companies that are open to a change of ownership and are prepared to begin negotiations.